How to hit the G-spot

Woman in sexual pose

What is the G-spot?

It’s an erogenous zone, about the size of a 5p piece, located just under your front vaginal wall. It’s made from ultra-sensitive, erectile-like tissue. When you touch it, it swells to the size of a 10p and brings on incredible feelings of sexual bliss.

How can I find it?

Lie back and have your partner make a ‘come hither’ motion with his second finger. Next, get him to explore the top vaginal wall, looking for a spongy area. The G-spot lies behind it. Or, if you’re alone, reverse your hand so your finger is cupped under your pelvis.

What do I do?

A two-finger tapping motion against the G-spot will excite the nerves over and over. Or graze your fingertip across the G-spot like a wiper moves across a windscreen. The side-to-side touch sets off nerve-endings. The G-spot responds well to hard pressure, so be firm if you want to.

Expect to get lost

If you’re not sure where it is, imagine how clueless your other half is. Don’t expect to get lucky first-time round, or you’ll only be disappointed. It’s going to take time and experimentation before you find what you’re looking for.

Take a loo break

The G-spot is close to the bladder, meaning if you touch it, it can feel uncomfortable, as if you need to pee. If you’ve relieved yourself, you’ll spend less time worrying about having an accident and more time enjoying the feelings.

And breathe

You’ve got to be aroused if you’re going to find it. If you can relax, breathe slowly and deeply, and focus on each touch, you’re more likely to trigger ripples of pleasure.

Squeeze and flex

The more blood that flows to your G-spot, the more sensitive it will be. So get things moving by doing pelvic floor exercises before and during the search. Clench for five seconds, then release.

Don’t forget...

Encourage your man to multi-task. It’s no good him simply focusing on down there, or he may miss out on your best bits. Any part of the body can be classed as an erogenous zone – an ear, a foot, that sensitive bit behind the knee. And some women have such sensitive nipples, they can climax just from them being touched.


Using a sex toy is one of the easiest ways to find your G-spot. You can spot a G-toy by its tip – it will be curved to hit that special spot. A standard vibrator should also do the trick, as long as it’s flexible and can bend a little.

What if we fail?

The G-spot is the sexual Holy Grail. Even the most intrepid explorers don’t always find it. Some don’t think it even exists, but hopefully you’ll have had fun on your travels. Plus, if you’re already having good sex with your partner, don’t get hung up about what may or may not lie just out of your reach. Relax and enjoy it – you’re already way ahead of the game.

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