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Subject: How to stop rescue dog peeing on carpet
I took in a rescue dog 3 months ago ( possibly about 10/12 months old) which continually pees on my carpets throughout the house. It is not incontinence as she stays dry throughout night and often pees when she has just come in. The house stinks now and i cant stop her, i have tried to restrict her to the parts of the house that are lino but with 3 small kids the doors are always being opened. Also have just taken in another abandoned dog (about12years old) and he is "marking where she has peed. Am at my wits end, have banished young dog to our stables till i can sort this out but feel guilty about leaving her there long. Cannot afford to rip up all the carpet and replace with floorboards as have just bought this place and other renovations are more urgent. Any ideas or miracle cures for dog or carpet?
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Subject: Re: How to stop rescue dog peeing on carpet
Hi Kitty, I would think that the problem is that your dog has not yet found his place in your home. I had a problem with my rescue dog and I must admit since I have starting training through The Dog Whisperer, Jan Fennell, he has improved immensly. She has a website which lists local trainers., but her second book and DVD are very helpful.

However on top of this a friend of mind introduced me to "Animal Aromatics". Its not to be confused with Aromatherapy as its different. I gave her lots of details of dogs problems on phone and she arrived at my house next day with bottles and bottles of herbs etc. in different oils. She would open a bottle and just hold it and if dog was interested he came straight over to sniff or lick, but if not interested would ignore. Basically he chose which ones he liked. Mostly ones that were to do with calming and digestive problems. I have been letting him chose which ones he wants twice a day, but within 24 hours he was a lot calmer and has become much more settled in himself and in the home. It wasn't expensive and I'm sure if you look up Animal Aromatics on a good search engine you will find a local therapist. Even Hubby is impressed and it takes a lot for him to admit to any complimentary therapy.
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Subject: Re: How to stop rescue dog peeing on carpet
I sympathise! I have a retired racing grey hound who is absolutely dry at night and when at home during the day in tiled kitchen where it would not matter too much BUT the 3 occasions she has weed have been on relatively new beige sitting room carpet - just typical. Her problem is that althoughshe is house/kennel trained, she hasn't quite worked out HOW to "ask" to go out, I just have to interpret a slightly stressed expression which is hard if I am e.g upstairs at the time! I leave patio doors open and try to keep sitting room shut unless I am with her and then I put her out every 2 hours at least. But back to you - I suspect your dog is marking its territory, bitches do it too and I just use 1001 Carpet spray as soon as it happens..Can you watch her in the garden until she has "emptied?" You have my sympathy as we had out first labradot puppy with 2 toddlers and it was a toss-up who would wee in the wrong place more - the dog or the girls!! I believe biological detergent takes the attracting smell away. You say you have just bought this house - were the carpets there before? Can the dog perhaps smell a previous dog? I don't think you need to feel guilty about restrictin dog's access in the house, could you allow it into the kitchen for a start? Rescue dogs inevitably come with baggage and I also read Jan Fennell and found her really helpful.
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Subject: Re: How to stop rescue dog peeing on carpet
We had a problem with our Bull Terrier, I've never known a dog that hard to train until we tried the puppy training mats. They are impregnated with a doggy kind of smell,we can't smell it, and you put them where your dog pees, and then gradually move them towards the door. They worked for us,hope this helps. Oh I've just remembered, don't use disinfectant, it's supposed to encourage them to pee there
Hope your day is a sunny one
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Subject: Re: How to stop rescue dog peeing on carpet
Kitty, I agree with other post, look Jan Fennell up on the web site 'The Dog Listener' and book a consultation. I am a dog listener ,trained and recommended by Jan , where are you based, can I put someone in touch with you?

There is very little to compare with Amichien-Jan's method of training. it is superb and results are brilliant as it is a language-a way that dogs instantly understand.

Meanwhile, whatever you do don't tell the dog off for peeing. Don't walk him whilst he is still peeing in the house, do some recall or play with him instead of walks. Gesture eat before you put his food down. When moving from room to room don't acknowledge him, even with your eyes. You really must read Jan's book and book a consultation soon to do this any justice. Especially as you rescue dogs, this will be a great method for you to implement with both of the dogs.
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Subject: Re: How to stop rescue dog peeing on carpet
Hi Kitty

I've also had rescue dogs and my current rescue dog was a pain in the posterior when we first had her, for peeing in the house, but she is fine now.

I also have another dog who is perfectly housetrained, but his housetraining did lapse a bit when we first got our rescue and she was peeing all over the place.

One of the best things you can do is get into a routine from day one. Ours get sent out into the garden upon waking, after breakfast, at lunchtime, after dinner time and just before bedtime and they get to go out at other ad hoc times in between if they want to and if the weather's fine, as well as a walk a day.

The problem when you get a rescue dog is that probably no-one will have shown them it is acceptable to pee outside but not acceptable to pee inside. Dogs won't naturally know what is indoors and what is outdoors, and so they need to be shown what to do, even if they are quite old.

I'll never forget one day when we had only had Holly for a few weeks and I went downstairs one morning in my dressing gown to open the back door for the dogs to go out. My other dog went out and I unwisely didn't really register what Holly was doing, but I had a bit of a look about, thought "what a nice morning", glanced down, to see Holly also looking interestedly about outside, whilst squatting down and peeing on the indoor door mat at my feet!

With Holly I decided to treat her like a puppy and kept a close eye on her. If she became restless indoors, or started pacing about I'd usher her outside. If she pee'd outside, I'd say "wee time" whilst she was doing it and as soon as she'd finished, I'd put on a ticker tape parade for her, really praise her and give her a treat.

If she went to go indoors, I'd whoop "wahey" to startle and distract her and then usher her outdoors and if she went outdoors I'd again say quietly "wee time" whilst she was going, and again celebrate and give her a treat when she'd been.

Now, I can chuck both the dogs in the garden after their dinner, say "wee time" to Holly, and she knows what's required before she can come back in! ("wee time" will do for pooing too, or any other words you feel more comfortable with, as long as you are consistent).

Sorry for the lengthy tome but hope it's been of some use and you could also look at www. for a forum of dog rescue owners with loads of experience and helpful advice.
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Subject: Re: How to stop rescue dog peeing on carpet
I've read all the previous posts with interest: my rescue dog's been with us since April. Initially there were miniature puddles now and again. Difficult to find a pattern. Then they fizzled out. I reckon that was marking: we'd had another dog until nine months before.

Now, however, despite me taking her out last thing i.e. after 10.30 pm, and early in the morning, usually by 8.30am, I am finding large puddles. Also occasionally when I have been out (protest puddles, I guess). The overnight ones are a puzzle though. Could it be that she has pressure on her bladder and can't help it? She is an ex-breeding bitch rescued from a Belgian breeder and probably had n puppies: she's eight.

Unfortunately I live in Germany so, although I have bought a Jan Fennell book, I can't turn to a trainer in this method.

(By the way I find Vanish is brilliant: the main target is a sisal carpet, and it has really stood up v well.)

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Subject: Re: How to stop rescue dog peeing on carpet
I realise this is an oldish thread and hope you have sorted things out but if not

If a dog wees in the house you MUST use a specialist cleaner from a pet shop to netuarlise dog odours. If you use vanish or any "normal" cleaner it actually makes the smell of the dog urine stronger to the dog and I can guarantee that they will wee in the same spot again.

The pet cleaner will take away all smells even to the powerful dogs nose.

If you dog suddenly starts weeing indoors take them to the vet to rule out infections 9times out of 10 it will be a medical issue.

If you have a new dog especially a rescue dog that pees inside you have to be really vigilant and not give it the opportunity. Take it outside to the place you wish it to wee ( I give it the command be quick) every half an hour at first and then 2 hours etc. If it does wee go crazy, praise it, give it a titbit tell him he is the cleverest dog in the world.

IF they pee inside ignore it - DO NOT rub the dogs noise in it or hit it with a newspaper all that does it make the dog hide from you when it wees inside or wait until you go out and then wees!

I personally would cage a dog until it is housetrained ( no not all the time!) BUT after it has been exercised give the dog a rest in his cage the minute he wakes up take him outside for a wee and praise like mad. Then I would play with the dog and again when he is tired let him rest in the cage and again take him outside when he wakes up. The dogs love their cages and will very rarely wee in them so you find they become dry at night very very quickly.

I have never had a dog that takes more than a week to be dry in the house. puppies, rescue dogs, crulety cases etc by following the proven way above.

By giving the wee a command eg Be Quick if you are going out for a couple of hours you can ask the dog to be quick and then they will wee.

I have a mail dog who even if he does not need a wee when I ask him to be quick will sigh and lift his leg and do nothing just to shut me up!

Yes it is hard work but only for a short time

Good luck
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