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  • Food blog

    From burning baked beans to making wedding cakes – culinary adventures and foodie encounters

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  • Fashion & beauty blog

    For style-conscious women who believe that growing up doesn’t mean giving up in the fashion and beauty stakes

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  • Homes blog

    Home is where the heart is but what really makes the modern homemaker tick? We take a look at ‘home’ in all its modern meanings

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  • Country & travel blog

    Escaping to the country, abroad or just down the road for a long weekend – exploring the world around you

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  • Diet & wellbeing blog

    How are you? Healthy habits, wellbeing tips and ways to feel at your best

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  • 'The Great British Bake Off': week eight review
    'The Great British Bake Off': week eight review

    We weren’t quite sure what to make of quarter final week’s theme - advanced dough - but it basically involved sweet breads, an Eastern European loaf that had (almost all) the bakers scratching theirs and the doughnut showcased in all its sugary glory

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  • 'The Great British Bake Off': week seven review
    'The Great British Bake Off': week seven review

    Get ready for puff, filo, shortcrust and choux in the ‘Bake Off’ tent as this week’s all about pastry. After surviving last week by the skin of their teeth, can Kate and Richard prove they deserve a place in the quarter final?

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