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Last year over half a million people took part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch, spotting over eight-and-a-half million birds - so why not join them?

All you have to do is spend an hour over the weekend of Saturday January 25 or Sunday January 26, noting the birds in your garden. No garden? Go to a park or other open space.

To entice more birds to your garden, put out some food. Make sure any bird feeders are set up within easy sight of the window you'll be watching from. The RSPB have really made things easy with their interactive bird identifer and a list of the top 15 birds seen in previous Big Garden Birdwatches. 

To get your free birdwatching guide from the RSPB, call 0300 456 8330. To find out more about the Birdwatch, visit the RSPB website. Register before you take part and you'll get reminder emails, and submitting your results will be easier.

One important point: just record the most birds of one species that have landed in your garden at any one time during the hour. Otherwise, you may inadvertently count the same birds more than once as they fly backwards and forwards.

There are also events all over the country if you prefer to bird-spot with others - click here for details of Big Garden Birdwatch events.

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