Christmas crackers to make

Handmade crackers are extra special as you can place a personalised gift in each one. You can also make each cracker look unique

Christmas crackers to make

You will need:

● Cardboard rolls

● bangers

● brown or crepe paper

● string

● ribbons

● tags and buttons to decorate


Takes 5-10 minutes per cracker


How to do it Wrap the paper around the cardboard roll, scrunching together at one end and tying with string or ribbon. Leave a small gap to feed the banger through. Fill the roll with your gift then tie up the other end, feed through the banger and decorate with buttons, tags and pretty ribbons.


Heart tags, from 40p each, RE. Personalised heart button, £5, Fabric band cut from Hopsack stripe fabric, £29.50 a metre, Ian Mankin. Bangers, 95p for 24, Ribbons from a selection at Jane Means.


Words and styling: Charlotte Boyd and Alaina Binks. Photography: Oliver Gordon


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