Make cut-paper Christmas tealight lanterns

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Lighting candles at Christmas always adds to the festive atmosphere. Create a warm, welcoming setting with these appealing decorative lanterns in the shape of houses and fir trees.

1 Print out the templates (click the 'print' button above to print out all the instructions and templates on one page, or click here to see the templates, on page 2) and use them to cut out the tree and house shape from sheets of thick cartridge paper. Transfer the pattern onto the tree, and the windows and door shapes onto the house, including the fold lines indicated by dashes.

2 Using a scalpel, cut out the pattern on the tree shape, cutting inside the lines.

3 On the house shape, score along the dashed lines, then cut carefully along the straight lines. Fold the windows and door forward along the scored lines.

4 Cut a piece of thick tracing paper to the height of a drinking glass and to a width that fits around it with a 1.5cm overlap. Use a strip of double-sided sticky tape down one side edge and join the two edges together to form a cylinder that can slide easily on and off the glass.



5 Attach small pieces of double-sided sticky tape to the centre on the back of the cut-out shapes and attach them to the tracing-paper cylinders. Place a tealight in the glass and slip the lantern over to finish. Alternatively, you can simply tape the paper cut-outs directly to the glass. Never leave burning candles unattended.



This project is taken from 'Christmas Crafting in No Time', by Clare Youngs (Cico Books, £14.99).

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