Make a paper Christmas angel

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Made from folded and cut white paper, this angel is elegant, sophisticated and timeless. Carefully pack it away and you'll get many years of pleasure from its simple grace.

You will need

• Large sheet of thick white cartridge drawing paper
• Large sewing needle and matching cotton thread or embroidery thread
• Double-sided tape or glue
• Tracing paper
• Pencil
• Hole punch with 1⁄16in (1mm) and 1⁄8 in (3mm) heads
• Decorative edged scissors
• Craft knife
• Cutting mat
• Paperclip

How to make this

Cut a piece of white paper measuring 66 x 25cm and fold over a 2cm deep strip across the width of the paper.

Continue to fold the paper in a concertina motion until you reach the end of the strip.

Along one side of the pleated strip, gently thread a large needle with strong thread through the pleats until you get to the end. 

Pull the two thread ends together so the two pleated paper edges meet and make a cone shape. Tie the thread ends together securely and glue/stick the paper edges together

Click the 'print' button at the top of the page to print out this project, complete with templates for the body, neck and wings. Click here to see the templates, on page 2.

Cut out the templates and draw round them on white paper, then cut out.

Use a hole punch with different sized heads, to punch out the design in the centre of the body and cut along the bottom edge using decorative edged scissors.

Bend the body around so the edges meet and glue a 1cm strip. The opening at the top should then be 3cm in diameter.

Take the head section and bend over to form a loop.

Just above the hole punch design on the body, dab some glue on the inside and attach the head.

Take the wings and use a hole punch to make a decorative edge.

Stick the wings to the back of the body. So the head, body and wings are now all attached together and place over the pleated cone, sticking in place.

To make the pleated fan behind the head, start by cutting out a piece of paper 13x50cm and pleat using the concertina method as before.

Keeping the strip folded use a craft knife to cut a triangle from one end and cut two more triangles, one 2cm from the pointed end of the strip and the other 5cm down from the pointed end. 

Use a paperclip to secure the end of the fan shape and tuck it in the body section behind the head.


This project is taken from 'Christmas Crafting in No Time', by Clare Youngs (Cico Books, £14.99).

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