Create a rose and eucalyptus Christmas wreath

Give the traditional wreath a modern twist this Christmas

Rose and eucalyptus wreath to make  - Christmas wreaths - Christmas craft -

You will need:

● wire wreath frame
● thin twigs
● florists' wire
● scissors
● heather
● eucalyptus
● roses
● gingham ribbon

To make:

Working with the wreath frame placed flat on a table, weave the twigs around and into the frame, tying them with the wire, and adding enough of them to form a good base for decorating. Arrange the heather, eucalyptus and roses roughly on top of the wreath to achieve the desired look. Then tie each piece in, starting with the small bunches of heather, followed by the eucalyptus and then the roses, overlapping where necessary to hide stems and any unsightly wire. Finish by tying a length of gingham ribbon around the top of the wreath from which to hang it.

Feature: Gill Wright. Photos: Claire Richardson

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