Create stamped wrapping paper

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How to make with rubber stamps

There’s a huge range of rubber stamps and coloured ink pads available from art and craft shops, and online. Buy plain paper on a roll to get pieces large enough to wrap presents. Cut paper to desired size and lay out on a flat surface. Press stamp on to the ink pad then press firmly on to the paper. Either print designs at random or, for a regular pattern, lay a long ruler across the paper to help you work in a straight line. Don’t worry if the print is not perfect – slight irregularities are a feature of hand-printed paper. When you have finished, leave the paper to dry, and wash ink off the stamp.

Rubber stamps, from The English Stamp Company ( Ink pads, paper and ribbon, from Hobbycraft (

How to make a potato-print stamp

Cut a large potato in half.

Use a small cookie cutter to cut out a simple shape, such as a heart or a star, on the flat raw edge. Cut away around the outside of the potato up to the cutter. Use a paper towel to dry it off.

Mix up paint on an old plate, dip in the potato and use to print paper. Try stamping bright colours on newspaper.

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