Fabulous flowers: Jane Packer

Jane Packer flower arrangement

Jane Packer fell in love with flowers at 15 and opened her first shop in 1982, with a flower school following a few years later

Pack a pink punch

The starting point for this display was a pink fishbowl-style vase. Find something similar at LSA International. To help position the flowers, make a grid on top of the vase with sticky tape.

First fill the vase with water, as it will be tricky to do it afterwards. Start with the greenery to create the shape. Jane used bright green birch and guelder roses, but you could use something similar from your own garden. Strip off any leaves that will sit below the water and start to place around the grid, with the taller branches in the centre to create a domed effect.

Once you have an even spread of greenery, gently push in the roses and peonies, still following the grid. Loosely group the blooms together in threes, copying how they would grow naturally.

See 'Jane Packer at Home with Flowers' (£19.99, Ryland Peters and Small). .

Find details of the flower school at www.jane-packer.co.uk


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