Simple steps to a Christmas wreath

Simple steps to making your own festive wreath with a base and assorted foliage

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You can buy ready-made circular metal frames, ready-woven willow rings or oasis rings from most floristry shops to form a frame for your wreath.

If you're using a metal frame, pack with florists' moss, using green string or wire to hold it in place.

Build up the foliage layer first, working in one direction and layering as you go, securing stems with string or wire to your metal or woven frame. Stems can be simply pushed into an oasis ring.

Binding bunches of berries by wrapping wire around their bases first will make them easy to attach to your frame. Add flowers to inject more colour and texture to the wreath.

Attach string or wire to the back and hang. The cold temperatures outside should keep it fresh for longer than if the wreath were inside, but an occasional spray with water will keep it at its best.

Suggested foliage plants: holly, ivy, camellia, eucalyptus, spruce, leyland cypress and rosemary.
Suggested berry plants: holly, Viburnum opulus, symphoricarpos (snowberry), rosehips, mistletoe and hypericum.

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