How to make a rosemary Christmas wreath

Jane Cumberbatch from Pure Style shows us how to transform rosemary sprigs into a festive wreath

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I'm using sprigs of rosemary from the garden because I love its herby smell. Other evergreens like ivy and yew, are good too. If you haven't got any outside space, look for winter greenery on a walk in the park or the countryside.

What you need:

● A good handful of rosemary
● 120cm of garden wire
● string
● scissors
● ribbon

Step 1
Cut the wire with pliers to 120cm long. Bend the wire in half, and twist the ends together to make a circle. Continue to wind the ends of the wire upon itself to secure the circle.

Step 2
Weave sprigs of rosemary between the wire until covered.

Step 3
Tie three or four pieces of string to hold the stems in place. I like hairy gardener's string the best because it looks natural.

Step 4
Add the finishing touch: a bow of gingham ribbon. Alternatively nice piece of velvet ribbon or white linen tape will also look good.

Put the wreath wherever you want a festive touch: like a mantelpiece or shelf, or even on the Christmas table as a pretty decoration.

For more creative ideas from Jane Cumberbatch visit www.purestyleonline

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