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'One day, I noticed that a stack of lampshade frames in my studio looked just like a Christmas tree. After foraging for a few larger ones for the lower layers, and finding cylindrical shapes for the trunk in a charity shop, our first ‘tree’ was ready. This is not an instant project, as finding the perfect reclaimed shades takes time, but the result lasts for years. If you are missing a layer, you can buy few frames. Our tree is decorated with vintage ribbons and bias binding, but you can also cut cotton fabric into long ribbons using a roller cutter or scissors.'

You will need
● Lampshades of graduating sizes with wire frames
● Ribbons or strips of fabric
● Hot-glue gun or fabric glue
● Clothes pegs
● Flexible craft or garden wire
● Wire cutters and scissors
● Braids and trimmings
● Baubles and decorations

1 Carefully remove any cloth, tape and glue from your lampshade frames before you begin, saving any pretty trimmings and braids to reuse later.

2 Stack them up to make sure that you have a good Christmas tree shape – if you don’t have space for a large design, choose smaller frames for a table decoration.

3 Next, start to bind the tree with ribbon. Secure each end of your fabric to the uprights with a spot of fabric glue or hotglue gun, using a clothes peg to hold it in place until dry. Progress around the frames until they are all covered. You can use a single colour for the whole tree, different ones for each layer or even change randomly, according to your supply of ribbon.

4 Once dry, stack the frames back into your tree shape and, after checking that they are level, tie the tiers together in at least three places with fine craft or garden wire, or more ribbon.

5 Decorate the frames with braids or bobble trimmings – you can glue them in place or simply wind them around the uprights so you can change the look every year – and as many baubles and Christmas decorations as you like.

6 To store, untie each frame and stack them the other way up, inside the largest.

Photographs: Alun Callender. Styling: Ben Kendrick

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