Make a stylish noticeboard

Handmade noticeboard

If you have a small piece of fabric that you love left over from another project, this is a great way to use it. Decide how large you want the noticeboard to be and take the measurements along to your local DIY store. You can use any type of board as long as you can staple into it. Look for hardboard or plywood, which you can get cut to size.

You will need:
● Fabric remnant
● A piece of hardboard, approximately 3mm thick
● Thick wadding, large enough to cover the face of the board
● Tape
● Staple gun
● Ribbon
● Picture-hanging fixing

How it's done

Measure and cut the fabric to the size of your board plus 10cm on each side. Then cut the wadding to the size of the board with a 5cm overlap.

Place the fabric face down, with the wadding in the centre and the board on top.

Tape the edges of the wadding to the back of the board, then gently pull the fabric over, one side at a time. Gently fold under the raw edges and staple down to secure. Be sure to pull the fabric taut so that it will be flat and tight across the front.

Turn the board over and arrange the ribbon in a pattern on the front. We chose a classic diamond shape, which involves crossing over the strips of ribbon. Once you're happy, staple the ends of the ribbon, one piece at a time, to the back of the board, making sure they're pulled taut enough to hold items behind them.

Finally, attach one or two picture hanging fixings to the back of the noticeboard and hang in place

By Alaina Binks. Photo: Mark Scott.

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