Make paper heart and star Christmas tree decorations

Go for sophisticated style in pure white on your tree

Hearts and stars Christmas decorations - Make paper heart and star Christmas tree decorations - Christmas decorations to make - Craft -

These paper decorations are simple for children to make and stylish enough to impress adults. Enlarge the templates (below) by 400 per cent. Cut out large hearts from white cartridge paper. Cut small hearts and stars from plain or decorated silver papers. Glue small hearts to large hearts. Fold stars along foldlines, folding the solid lines outwards and broken lines inwards to give a 3D effect. Punch holes in the top corners of the decorations. These holes need to be only just big enough to take the cord or string you are using, so they stay evenly spaced. Use an adjustable hole punch or make a hole with a thick sewing needle first followed by a knitting needle to make the required size hole. and thread with narrow ribbon or cord, knotting ends to make hanging loops.

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