Make a fabric-covered lamp stand

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Designer Sarah Moore brings you a series of step-by-step inspiring craft creations.

'An easy but effective method of giving an old table or floor lamp a new lease of life or adding character to a plain modern one. You can glue cloth to wood, china or even metal bases*. The stand pictured features 3-4cm squares of new materials and small offcuts. As a general rule, the more intricate or shaped an area you are trying to cover, the smaller the pieces of fabric need to be. You can apply one style to the whole lamp or strips and squares cut from favourite finds. Alternatively, choose fabric to match your curtains or bed linen. Lengths of ribbon, braids and trimming wound round work well, too.'

You will need

● lamp base
● fabric in varying patterns and sizes
● PVA glue
● pasting brush

1 Working from the top down, brush the part of the stand you are working on with a generous layer of PVA glue, then attach the pieces of material, overlapping them so no surface is visible and using your pasting brush to smooth and stick down the corners. Don’t worry if the glue soaks through the fabric, as it becomes invisible when dry.

2 Leave to dry for at least five hours.

3 You can then add a plain or patterned shade, or create one yourself by covering a new or old frame with fabric (see link below).

Photographs: Alun Callender. Styling: Ben Kendrick

*If you use an old lamp base, check its wiring is safe befre you begin.


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