Make a bedside table from a suitcase

Make a storage box bedside table - Sarah Moore craft project - Upcycling - Craft -

This project is a great way of marrying objects to create an individual piece of furniture. Here, I’ve used a 1950s picnic case and the legs from an old table: you can also buy these from (and ready-to-top stools for a simpler make). Experiment with the style of legs, and top with hampers, trunks, blanket boxes or crates to get the look you want.

You will need

● four legs, reclaimed or new
● paper, pencil, scissors
● craft knife
● box with smooth solid base
● tape measure or ruler
● bradawl
● screws (flat-headed rather than rounded)
● screwdriver
● wood glue
● PVA glue and brush
● lining paper

1 The legs are attached by screws that are fixed downwards from inside the box. Draw around the top of each leg onto paper and cut out. Use this template to mark out on the bottom of the box, and inside, where the final leg position will be. Make sure these points match up using a tape measure.

2 Form a slight hole with a bradawl where the screws will go, then begin to screw them into the base of the box, stopping when they are just flush with the bottom surface.

3 Next, smear a little wood glue onto the top of each leg. One at a time, hold them in place against the box, then screw down to attach firmly. The screws should sit flush with the bottom of the box and the end result should feel stable and rigid. For larger tables, you may want to glue a length of wood between the top of the legs to provide extra support.

4 Wipe away excess glue, then measure the dimensions of the interior of the box for the lining. Mark these on your paper and cut out. Brush the inside of the box with a thin layer of PVA glue, then position the paper. Trim the top edges neatly with a craft knife.

5 Make use of any existing fittings in your box for added storage – here, plate and cutlery straps are used to hold fabric and scissors for a novel sewing companion.

Top tip

For an easy make, attach a box or case to a side table with glue and screws, then unify with a coat of paint.

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