Make a seashore mobile

String up your shells, stones and sticks

seashore makes: mobile

Just a handful of special shells and some tiny pieces of driftwood can make a mobile full of happy holiday memories.

Drill a hole in each shell by placing it on a lump of plasticine or similar to hold it in place. Use a fine drill bit first to avoid breaking the shell, then drill again with a larger drill bit.

Drill a hole in each driftwood piece. Unravel a length of string and cut short lengths of one strand to thread through each shell and driftwood piece.

Starting at the bottom, tie shells to a long length of unravelled string, pulling the strands apart to tie on the shells. Tie knots in the string to hold the driftwood in place. Finish with a hanging loop at the top.

 Note: In some parts of the world, collecting shells may be illegal or require a special permit. Get your shells in an eco-friendly way by asking fishmongers for shells they usually throw away, or buying cockles, whelks and winkles from a stall, for tea by the sea. 

Feature: Janet Palmer. Photo: Richard Burns

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