Knitting world records: cast on, and on, and on...

by Natalie Glock
Woman knitting a big ball of yarn

Largest knitting needles

Ingrid Wagner is the current Guinness World Record holder for knitting with the largest needles. The monster needles were an impressive 3.5 metres long and 8.5cm wide. Ingrid successfully knitted a tension square of 10 stitches and 10 rows in Newcastle upon Tyne in March 2008.

World’s fastest knitter

Miriam Tegels is the current titles holder of the world’s fastest knitter after achieving a staggering 118 stitches a minute back in August 2006.

Longest scarf knitted by an individual

Helge Johansen dedicated 23 years to completing his incredible scarf that ended up measuring 3463.73 metres - that’s 2.15 miles! His record has stood since November 2006 and we can’t see anybody beating him for quite some time.

Longest scarf knitted while running a marathon

Susie Hewer took multi-tasking to a whole new level when in April 2008 she ran the Flora London Marathon whilst knitting a scarf. The scarf measured 62cm by the time Susie had finished her run.

Most people knitting simultaneously

This is the most recently broken knitting world record: a total of 1,147 knitters from all over the world gathered at Roscommon Lamb Festival in Ireland on April 30 2011. Read more about the fantastic achievement on the blog of one of the organisers.

Longest piece of finger knitting

The longest piece of finger knitting measured 4,321.4 metres (14,177 ft 9 in) and was completed by Niklas Bernhard in Germany on 10 June 2004.

Longest piece of French knitting

Edward Peter Hannaford of Sittingbourne, Kent, is yet another dedicated knitter committed to the cause. He produced a piece of French knitting 21.75 km (13.51 miles) long which he began working on in April 1989.

Largest knitted sculpture

Back in September 2005 the world’s largest knitted sculpture took up residence on a mountainside in the Italian Alps. The giant pink rabbit, called Hase, measured in at 200ft long and was the result of a year of knitting, 1,000kg of wool and seven weeks' assembly. Read about the project and its creators The Gelitin Collective - and see the rabbit - here

For more world record info - on knitting and anything else - visit the Guinness World Records extensive website.

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