Make a pretty Japanese paper découpage bangle

Create your own unique bangles with this fun project. By Maria Binns

Japanese paper bangle

This bangle is easy and fun to make. I have made several of these and whenever I wear them, people comment. They look great en masse. Why not make a stack of these and pile them onto your arms? Experiment using different papers on the same bangle or using Japanese lace paper for a very different effect.

You will need:

● 1 plastic bangle

● 1 or 2 A4 pieces of Japanese paper

● Podge (decoupage paste)

● Small guillotine

● Scissors

● Emery paper



Measure and cut strips of Japanese paper 2cm/3⁄4in. wide with your guillotine. You can also use scissors. Cut 20 pieces to begin with - you may need more.

Measure the pieces around your bangle. They need to be long enough to wrap around the whole bangle with a small overlap. Cut this to size. Repeat this until you have cut all 20 pieces to the right size.

Cover a section of the outside of the bangle with podge. Starting from the outside, wrap the paper around the bangle. Paint podge in the middle of the bangle and stick the paper down. Glue down the overlapping paper. Now stick the other pieces of paper onto the bangle in the same way, overlapping each piece a little.

When you have covered the whole bangle, cut a long strip of paper, long enough to cover the inside of the bangle. Apply podge to the inside of the bangle and stick the paper around it.

Cover the bangle with another layer of podge to varnish it and leave it in a warm place for a few hours to dry.

This project is taken from 'One Hour Craft!' by Maria Binns (A & C Black, £16.99). Click here to buy 'One Hour Craft!' for £13.49 

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