Try a fresh-flower necklace

Enhance an outfit with real blooms. By Adrienne Wyper

Chelsea 09 flower jewellery

Flower corsages made of fabric or wool are everywhere, but what could be prettier than wearing the real thing?

This idea is more sophisticated than sticking a flower behind your ear or in your buttonhole. It was inspired by one of the floral displays at the Chelsea Flower Show, right.

The eryngium in the photo could be a little spiky against the skin, but how about a bright, bold orchid or a full-bodied rose? You need to choose a flower that's not too floppy and delicate, otherwise it will start to wilt while you're wearing it. Go for one or two bold blooms, rather than lots of little sprigs.

To make your fresh-flower necklace, you need a torque (a choker that's a solid ring around the neck) - like this one from Marks & Spencer, £12  - where you can remove the decorative piece. This design of necklace will stay still against your body, so the flower won't be damaged as you move around.

Leave a little of the stem on the flower, so that it's hidden behind the flower, position it at the front of the torque, then bind it to the torque using florist's wire, as unobtrusively as possible. You may find it's better to pierce the stem with the wire in order to make the flower sit well against your neck.

Alternatively, you could try pinning a flower to a velvet ribbon tied around your neck as a choker.


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