Make a Christmas fairy for the tree

Make a simple fairy to sit on top of your tree, in colours to match your decorations

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Use a metal coat hanger to make this pretty Christmas fairy. Flimsy hangers which bend easily are best

You will need:

● coat hanger or metal wire
● white net 100cm x 13cm
● 25cm of sequin trim 50cm each of 1cm and 6cm wide ribbon
● oddment of glitter card
● small paper flowers

To make

For the wire body, cut a 46cm length from the coat hanger. Bend it in half, creating a loop for the head at the centre by making a single twist in the wire. For the arms, cut a 21cm length from the coat hanger, attach to the body 1cm below the head by twisting the length once around the body to hold in place. Bend the arms around in front and make little loops at the ends for hands.

To make the skirt, cut four pieces of net 25cm x 13cm. Sew sequin trim to lower edge of one piece of net. Place all four layers of net together and insert two rows of gathers across top edge. Draw up gathers to fit tightly around body of fairy and stitch in place.

For the top, wrap 1cm wide ribbon several times around the wire body, covering the top of the skirt, and sew in place at the back. Cut out a small heart from glitter card and glue to the front.

For the wings, cut two 24cm lengths of 6cm wide ribbon. Fold ends in to meet at the middle and gather up tightly. Wrap a piece of 1cm ribbon around the middle of each wing and stitch in place. Sew both wings to the back of the fairy. To finish, thread a couple of paper flowers through the hand loops.

Feature: Kirsty Robertson, Catherine Woram. Photo: Richard Burns  

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