Sew a simple backpack: free sewing pattern

Floral backpack free sewing pattern how to make a backpack

Click here for a larger photo of the finished backpack.

Cut pieces of cotton fabric as per diagram, below. Measurements are in cm, 1cm seam allowances included.

Pin and stitch flaps together, curving stitching at lower edge, and trim. Turn right side out and press. Topstitch close to edge and again 6mm away.

Press down 1cm on to wrong side on long edges of loop and straps. Fold in half lengthwise and stitch edges.

Pin and stitch bag at side edges, leaving a 3cm gap in stitching 5cm below top edge. Neaten seam allowances and press open. Press under 1cm then 4cm around top edge of bag and stitch. Tack straps 13cm apart just below casing stitching. Tack ends of loop in between. With raw edges level, stitch open edge of flap on top of straps. Press flap upwards and stitch close to seam and again 1cm away. Tack other end of straps to base of bag, 18cm apart. Cut 2m of chunky cord in half and thread through casing from each side. Knot ends.

Stitch base to bottom of bag, trimming ends of base into curves to fit bag. Neaten seam allowances.

Cotton fabric from Cath Kidston (0845 026 2440).

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