Sew a pocket hand-warmer: free sewing pattern

sew handwarmers

Warning: As these are heated in the microwave, it’s very important you make sure the fabric you use is 100% natural with NO synthetic as this could melt or burn during heating.

You will need:

A 14 x 22cm rectangle of 100% cotton fabric for the outer casing.

A 14 x 22cm rectangle of 100% cotton fabric for lining.

Half a mug of rice or wheat grains for filling.

For scented handwarmers, add a couple of teaspoons of dried lavender or some dried herbs from the garden.

Stitching the lining and outer

Fold your lining fabric rectangle in half along the long edge and stitch 1cm in around the outside edges leaving a 4cm opening in the stitching line (this is where you fill the bag).

Do the same with the outer fabric rectangle, but leave a slightly bigger opening (your lining will be full of rice when you put it into the outer casing, so you’ll need a slightly bigger opening).

Clip the excess fabric from the corners near (but not too near!) to the stitching line (this helps the corners look less bulky when turned the right way round).

Turn your casings the right way round and poke out the corners. 

Using a funnel, fill the lining of the bag to just over half.  For a scented version add the dried lavender or herbs.

Pin and stitch the lining shut securely.

Insert the rice filled lining into your outer casing and handstitch the opening closed.

To heat, place in a microwave for 30 – 45 seconds.

Sewing and filling tips

  • To poke out fiddly corners, try using a knitting needle or a wooden kitchen skewer. 
  • If you don’t have any dried lavender heads to hand, before filling the lining, sprinkle the rice with lavender essential oil and leave to dry before filling.
  • You can use any kind of rice for this project.


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