Sew a boy rag doll

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'Dolls are one of my favourite makes', says Chloe Owens, who designed this doll. 'It’s always exciting to see how they evolve into little characters. Perfect for children, and the child inside of you!'

Choose your fabrics carefully. Cotton and soft canvas fabrics work best; make sure they are durable and not too thin. You need plain cream or pale pink fabric for the face and arms and legs, patterned fabric for the shirt and plain for the trousers. The doll’s hair is made from felt.

You will need

Templates - see page 2
● Fabrics and felts
● Iron
● Pins, needles, and scissors
● Sewing machine
● Sewing threads to tone with fabrics
● Toy stuffing
● Orange felt for hair
● Embroidery threads
● Fading fabric marker
● Buttons for eyes

1 Enlarge the templates on page 2 by 200 per cent. Cut out two trouser shapes, four shirt sleeves, and two shirt torsos. Cut two heads, four hands, four feet, and one each of the hair pieces.

2 Right sides together, pin a hand to the end of each sleeve and sew the seams, taking a 1⁄2-in (1-cm) seam allowance. Press the seam allowances open. Pair up the arms right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving the straight top edge open. Turn right side out and stuff each arm.

3 Right sides together, pin then tack a foot to the bottom of each trouser leg. Fold the foot out flat and press the seam allowances upward. Topstitch across the bottom of the trousers, 1⁄4in (5mm) up from the bottom edge, sewing through all layers. Take out the tacking stitches.

4 Right sides facing, pin a trouser piece to a shirt piece, matching the bottom of the shirt to the top of the trousers. Taking a 1⁄2-in (1-cm) seam allowance, machine-sew the seam, then press the seam open. Repeat with the other trouser and shirt pieces. Sew buttons onto the right side of the shirt front.

5 Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth onto the face with the fading fabric marker. Using embroidery threads and running stitch or backstitch — whichever you prefer — stitch over the lines. Sew on buttons for the eyes, and sew the head pieces to the top of the shirt torso pieces.

6 Tack the arms to the right side of the shoulders of the shirt torso, facing inward and with the tops at the position of the shoulders. Pin the doll front and back right sides together. Be careful to match the seams at the neck, waist, and ankles. Taking a 1⁄2-in (1-cm) seam allowance, sew all around the edges, leaving a gap for turning through. Turn the doll right side out and stuff it, then slip stitch the gap closed.

This project is from 'All Sewn Up' by Chloe Owens (CICO Books, £14.99), available from all good bookshops. To save £2 and buy 'All Sewn Up' for £12.99, call 01256 302699, and quote GLR7PB.

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