5-minute facelift

Woman plucking eyebrows

An eyebrow shape can lift the face, define cheekbones and open eyes. But you need to do it right! Read our tips before you grab those tweezers.

1.    Brow expert Shavata says “Work with your natural shape.”

2.    Naturally thin? Don’t thicken with pencil – it will look fake, and over-plucking big brows will distort them.

3.    Work on both your brows at once so you can keep them equal. But no two are the same so don’t be eager to get them looking identical.

4.    Don’t pluck above the brow as this can flatten the arch.

5.    Trimming will tidy without losing hair, and a blunt edge makes them look thicker. Opt for thin, straight blades, like Shavata Scissors, £5.95.

6.    Threading, like plucking, pulls hair out at the root, but catches the downy hairs tweezers miss, so visit a professional every few months.


Top tip

As you age, move your natural arch outwards so that your face lifts up.

3 minutes to shiny hair

With the drizzly weather and constant styling, your hair may need a boost. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment, £4.99, contains pearl extract to make hair glossy. Use once a week and rinse with cold water.

Lips and nails

For those who like attention to detail it’s worth investing in the Pretty Amazing Duo from bareMinerals and OPI. They’ve collaborated to create limited-edition matching lip and nail shades in four colours. Our favourite for a polished look is the classic red Lipcolor in Strength and Big Apple Red Lacquer, £20.50 for the set.

Tools for the job

No7 Pointed Tweezers, £8, allow for extra precision.
● A magnified mirror like Shavata 15 x Mag Mirror, £12.95, lets you spot pesky strays.
Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara, £2.99, stops brow hair drooping downwards

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