Feet – windows to the soul?

Former advertising executive Ann Gadd studies the feet, as well as being a successful Reiki Master, counsellor, artist and writer. In her book 'Finding Your Feet: How the Sole Reflects the Soul', she explains what studying your feet can reveal about you.

'Feet are very visible and consequently easy to examine and have aspects that are very apparent. When I look at someone's feet, I often feel as if I am talking to an old person who is full of stories that are just waiting to be told. Often, after the story has been heard and the emotions that accompany their telling are released, the feature that attracted my attention clears or alters.'

According to Ann, the actual aspect such as a cut or callus on the foot is relevant to a person's emotional make-up, but greater insight is also gained according to where these or any other symptoms appear.[quote]

Body energy centres

The foot itself is divided into seven chakras – each relating to the seven main chakras, or energy centres, found on the body. These form the total energetic makeup of an individual.

For instance, the first chakra relates to the heel and the small toe area of the foot, and represents fear and anger (feeling physically afraid or threatened). As it relates to our connection to mother earth and consequently feeling rooted or connected, Ann describes how someone with a large heel could consequently be well grounded while someone with a small or very narrow heel may be more etheric, airy or impractical.

The language of feet

Problems in the various areas have relevance to many of the phrases we use in everyday life. For example: 'Do you feel well-heeled or down at heel? Does life make you want to take to your heels or stand rooted to the spot in fright? Do you find it hard to cool your heels? Do you quickly get impatient with situations or people?' Studying children's feet can be particularly useful, as young children are not always able to explain their emotions.

'By becoming aware of our soles as more than just the bottom of our feet, we become aware of our souls and so have a tool to plumb the depths of our own being, to reach a greater degree of self-understanding, on the road to becoming more conscious,' says Ann.

What your feet say about you

Take a look at your own feet – a mirror can be useful to ensure you see the entire sole – and think about whether any of these aspects ring true for you. The book not only suggests in more detail the various methods for physical healing of each problem, but also addresses the relevant emotional cause.

Athlete's foot and fungus problems

Key issues: Sadness and hurt at needing or wanting the approval and recognition of others for our efforts, thoughts or ideas and not receiving the recognition we crave.
Emotional healing: In order to heal athlete's foot, we have to let go of the need for acceptance and approval from others. As long as we continue to seek recognition and emotional reward from others, we put ourselves in a position of constantly being manipulated or drained by them. We have to work at giving approval to ourselves and acknowledge our own accomplishments without the need for recognition by others.

Corns and calluses

Key issues: Hardening of self to protect one's vulnerability. Shutting off. Not wanting to see, hear, speak, feel, etc.
Emotional healing: Ask where you have become stuck. Why are you afraid to move ahead? What is holding you back from doing what you want to do? Does your family still govern your life? Is it not time to start living your life the way you want to? What can you do to bring about the desired change?

High arches

Key issues: Perfectionism
Emotional healing: The message is: let go. Ease up. Stop setting unrealistic goals that leave you feeling down when you don't achieve them. Realise people will love you for who you are rather than how perfect you or your surroundings appear.

More information

'Finding Your Feet' by Ann Gadd is available by contacting Findhorn Press, 305a The Park, Findhorn, Forres IV36 3TE, Scotland; Tel 01309 690582; fax 01309 690036; info@findhornpress.com; www.findhornpress.com



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