How to have younger-looking hair

woman with blonde hair

Colour: get it right

‘It's amazing what the right hair colour can do to brighten and freshen the face,' says Paul Bingham of top London salon Lockonego. Here are his colour tips for a younger looking you...

If you're dark, it's best not to go for block, neutral, or all-over colours. Uniform shades look very hard against the skin and can be ageing.

Soften darker hair by adding a chestnut or golden hue. It will create richness and the illusion of movement for a more youthful look.

A few caramel lowlights will also soften a dark shade, giving it more lift and texture.

Blondes need to keep the colour soft and creamy. Use a neutral, golden shade, so the result isn't a harsh contrast against the face. Don't allow your colour to become too overpowering, solid and blonde.

For an immediate, brightening effect, get some hairline highlights to keep the colour slightly lighter around the face.


‘It's important to keep your hair in great condition by having regular treatments,' says celebrity hairstylist Lee Stafford. ‘As hair matures, it starts to get thinner and coarser, so use a treatment such as my Bling Hair Rehab Intense Conditioner, £6.84 for 200ml (from Boots), an intensive conditioner for brittle hair. It helps prevent split ends.'


‘Add a little height around the crown to make up for the natural loss of volume that comes with time,' says Kevin Moss of John Frieda. He recommends Operation Glam for adding volume, especially the High Profi le Thick & Lift Spray, £8 for 75ml (from and ‘Up-dos always look fantastic, but do ensure that the style is loose and soft, as a scraped-back style can add years,' says Lee. ‘Partings look best when they're off-centre or to the side', says Lee. ‘A harsh middle parting can drag your face down.'

Cut: get it right

When it comes to your cut, some simple dos and don'ts can make all the difference. We asked the experts what works (and what doesn't!) as we get older...

‘Lots of short layers can be very ageing,' says Kevin. ‘Longer, softer layers around the face can be more flattering as we get older - not least because noses and other features tend to get bigger with age.'

‘Avoid harsh haircuts,' says Lee. ‘Anything geometric with hard lines can be ageing.'

‘Long hair with no layers will elongate your face,' says Kevin. ‘So, if your hair is longer, make sure you have soft layers put in around the level of your eyes and cheekbones. They'll lift the face.'


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