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You could describe Fiona Bruce's style as steely glamour, a sort of cool, composed style that's quietly sexy. Certainly, Fiona's (unwittingly sexy) style has been parodied in TV show Dead Ringers, where impersonator Jan Ravens portrays Fiona as a sultry tease: "I'm Fiona Bruce. There's never a hosepipe ban when I'm in the room".

So, if we want a slice of Fiona's sexy style what can we do? One make-up trick we've noticed is how Fiona flatters her sparkling blue eyes with shades of grey and silver eye shadow. Never underestimate the power of grey eye make-up! A soft, smudged line of grey eye liner can really open up the eyes and brighten blue and green eyes, plus it's a much softer shade than black.

Fiona has great skin and good bone structure, enhanced by perfectly groomed eyebrows - and here's another anti-ageing trick we can learn from Fiona, great eyebrows can give any face a lift.

If you've overplucked over the years, visit a beautician and have a professional brow shaping treatment first of all. Then invest in a do-it-all eyebrow kit. You'll be amazed at the difference it will make.

A glossy lip colour is how Fiona finishes her make-up look, and it's a good choice. If you stick to mid to pale pink lip glosses your lips will look younger and fuller but without looking overdone.

"I have a few grey hairs. I dye them. I don’t let my grey hair show when I’m reading the news,” said Fiona in a recent interview with The Telegraph. While grey hair can look ultra cool and chic, there's no doubt it can also be ageing on some people. Keeping her brunette hair highlighted with warm chestnut and caramel tones is a great way for Fiona to disguise grey hair and flatter her English rose complexion.

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