Fashion over 50: Lynda Bellingham's top tips

lynda bellingham

Actress, ‘Loose Women' panellist and ‘Oxo mum' for 16 years Lynda Bellingham is the face of fashion brand isme, designed for the mature fashion shopper. She shares her style tips with All About You.

What are the best trends for women over 40?

‘There are lots of trends that look great on women over 40. From smart and sophisticated workwear to casual embellished tops and cover ups, or midi skirts with knee high boots - there's something out there for everyone! Fashion doesn't have an age limit, there are trends that suit every woman at every age, and it's all about how you wear it.'

Should we dress differently as we age - any ‘must-avoid' fashion buys?

‘It's all about fit when you reach 50 and you need to make sure that the clothes you are wearing fit perfectly, in all the right places. Look for shape enhancing details like cap sleeves, stretch in the right places, different trouser cuts, and built-in panels to make you look and feel great.'

What are your own style resolutions?

‘I have never felt more confident and know exactly what I want to wear to feel good. And I am definitely going to pay more attention to compliments people pay me and accept them graciously!'

Lynda's top fashion tips

1. Don't shy away from colour, be confident and daring. Wear colours that compliment your skin tone and hair colour. Experiment; substitute colours like black for purple or deep berry tones for a welcome change.

2. Make sure that you are in control of your wardrobe ... don't let it control you. A few well chosen, great fitting choice staples - a mac, a pair of wide legged trousers, a glamorous top with some sparkle or embellishment, a classic shift dress - mixed and matched for different occasions are all you need to see you through the season.

3. The classic belted shift dresses in black and white from isme are going to be one of my wardrobe staples this season. They are easy to wear and can take me effortlessly from day into night, whatever the occasion.

4. Accessorise carefully - less is more. Choose one statement piece of jewellery - necklace or earrings. Too many accessories can look too fussy and over the top. Simplicity is the key to looking stylish and sophisticated.

5. You must always feel comfortable in what you are wearing. There's nothing worse than constantly worrying about adjusting your clothes, or thinking ‘my shoes are hurting'. We've reached the stage in our lives where we are confident women who just want to enjoy the moment.

6. Try something new and develop your own personal style. Finding out what suits you and what works for your body shape involves a lot of trial and error, so don't be scared to try different looks.

7. Experiment with prints and make sure they work with your body shape. Prints on the bias cut or diagonal are always great, or wear busier prints on more fluid garments with plain trousers or skirts to ensure they aren't too over the top.

And finally, what are the key pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe?

When it comes to workwear, you can't beat the classic belted shift dress in plain black or white - this goes with everything and makes me feel smart and confident no matter what comes my way!

A suede jacket is perfect for seeing me through any smart/casual daytime event, or simply keeping me warm while shopping with the girls. Teamed with a lovely pair of the forgiving Not Your Daughter's Jeans, it's a comfortable, wearable outfit.

For an evening out, be it the theatre or drinks with friends, I love black embellished tops with smart black maxi trousers - classic, sophisticated and comfortable.'

Sadly, Lynda died on October 19 2014 after choosing to stop chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

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