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Smoked salmon mousse ring - the perfect light bite at the start of the feast

Little Salmon Pots - you can prepare the pots up to two days ahead. It's made using hot-smoked salmon - salmon that is smoked in a different way to ordinary smoked salmon (available from Waitrose).

Melon and Parma Ham - easy and tasty, but you need to get the presentation right.

Lingonberry and Camembert Tartlets - you can get the filo pastry ready the day before. The rest is simple...

Scallop and Prune Skewers - Tea-infused prunes and fabulous scallops make this a starter no one will forget. Psst... this is actually not a very difficult starter to make

Pumpkin and Chestnut Soup with Chestnut and Chive Butter - sounds like hard work? On the contrary, you can make this the month before!

Port and Stilton Pâté - classy, traditional and did we mention tasty? Serve with melba toast to get it just right.

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