On test: 10 recipes ruling the internet!

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Check out our pick of the best food blogs, tested by us. Why not try one of the recipes and let us know how you get on via the comments below, or Facebook or Twitter

Easy bread recipe - 185,065 views when we last looked!

Egg fried rice recipe - 1,657,994 views when we last looked! 

Tomato soup recipe
 - 260,449 views when we last looked! 

Date and walnut cake recipe - held the number one spot on Google for 'Easy cake recipes' for months!

Best big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies
- 3.4k 'Likes' on Facebook

World’s best lasagne recipe - 11k 'likes' on Facebook when we last looked!

Garlic Fried Chicken recipe - 808 reader reviews when we last looked, and so many of them are adoring this recipe! 

Spiced lamb curry recipe - 37,305 views when we last looked! 

Aubergine parmigiano - an up-and-coming veggie wonder

Tempura prawns recipe - 31,854 views when we last looked!


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Carla's brilliant beef Wellington - discover the allaboutyou food blogger 

See an easy user generated recipe for easy Chicken and potato curry

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