The blast your belly diet - lose 10lb

The plank

How it works

Pick one of our tasty, low GI meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Low GI eating is proven to blast belly fat effectively, plus a diet with carbs won’t be too low in calories. This is important as reducing your calories too much – or leaving too long between meals – increases stress hormones that trigger fat around the middle. Keep at it for at least a month to drop 10lb.


● Two pieces of granary toast with 1tsp peanut butter or Nutella. A piece of fruit.
● 40g porridge oats made with 125g milk, plus two handfuls of any berry.
● 30g no added sugar muesli topped with 125g low-fat natural or Greek yoghurt and 1 chopped apple.
● Fruit salad (chop any three fruits you like) served with 125g low-fat yoghurt.
● 1 egg boiled, scrambled, poached or fried with an oil spray. 1 piece of toast, grilled tomatoes, or 125ml fruit juice.
● 3 Ryvita Crispbread topped with either 40g hard low-fat cheese, 2 low-fat cheese triangles or 100g cottage cheese, plus any piece of fruit.
● 1 egg scrambled, poached or fried with oil spray, 2 tbsp baked beans, plus 1 Quorn sausage or a rasher of lean back bacon.


● Any ready-made sandwich on granary bread under 400 calories. Serve with celery sticks, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes.
● Half a carton of any fresh vegetable soup with 3 Ryvita topped with 25g low-fat paté or 2 cheese triangles.
● Fist-sized jacket potato topped with 2tbsp baked beans, low-fat coleslaw or egg mayonnaise/low-fat tuna. Serve with a green salad.
● Salad of 100g chicken, tuna or ham served with rocket, tomato and 2 tbsp sweetcorn.
● Two pieces of toast topped with 3 tbsp baked beans, 4 tbsp tinned tomatoes, ¼ of an avocado mashed, or 25g low-fat pâté. Any piece of fruit.
● 100g chicken, fish or ham, 150g boiled potatoes, tossed with a little low-fat salad dressing. Green salad.
● Salad of beetroot, tomato and carrot, topped with 50g feta cheese.

Afternoon snacks

● 125g pot of any flavour of low-fat yoghurt.
● 2 squares of any dark chocolate.
● 2 pieces of fruit of your choice.
● 25g low-fat cheese and an apple.
● 2 Ryvita Crispbreads, topped with a low-fat cheese triangle.
● Celery sticks topped with 1 tsp pâté or peanut butter.
● Carrot sticks and/or cherry tomatoes dipped in a little low-fat dressing.


● Chilli con carne made with 50g lean mince, 2 tbsp kidney beans, chopped onions, tinned tomatoes and a dash of Very Lazy Chilli. 50g (dry weight) brown or basmati rice.
● 100g lamb or pork chop (fat removed) with 100g boiled potatoes and a large portion of green beans
● 100g steak, grilled. Serve with a huge green salad topped with diced tomato and onion.
● Mini shepherd’s pie made from 75g lean mince, chopped carrot and onions with a little Oxo and 100g mashed sweet potato. Serve with 2 tbsp sweetcorn and lots of green beans or broccoli.
● 150g of any white fish fillet served pan-fried with a Cajun spice rub (such as Nando’s Peri Peri), 50g (dry white) basmati rice and a large portion of broccoli spears.
● 150g salmon steak served with a big stir-fry of any vegetables you like.
● 50g (dry weight) pasta spirals tossed with 3 tbsp of any tomato-based pasta sauce. Serve with 100g grilled chicken.

Three other ways to help trim your tummy

Do exercise intervals instead of just plodding along in your workout, alternate 30-second bursts of hard exercise with 60-second sessions of recovery – this will burn tummy fat faster than any other method.

Do the plank. It’s the best exercise for toning all your tummy muscles without straining your back. To do it, get on all fours then extend your feet back so you’re in a straight line supported on your hands and feet. If it’s proving hard, spread your feet further apart and clench your bum cheeks to give yourself more support. Hold for as long as you can. See the image above.

If bloating is responsible for some of your middle inches, try Nature’s Plus new GI Natural Digestion Perfection, £23.75 at It contains a mix of probiotics, digestive enzymes and fibre to help beat the bloat.

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