Celebrity diets: Eva Mendes and the Five-Factor Diet

Celebrity diets: Eva Mendes

From the baby food diet to the cabbage soup plan, Hollywood celebs are known for their crazy diets.

Just like an up-and-coming starlet, fad eating plans become all the rage and take over Tinseltown, only to be forgotten the next week. But a few diets have stayed popular through the years because they really do work, according to their A-list fans.

Whether it's Cheryl Cole swearing by the Blood Type Diet, Heidi Klum's red-carpet regime, or Jennifer Hudson's new size thanks to her Weight Watchers plan, we've got all their secrets for staying slim.


The diet: the Five-Factor diet

The proof: Eva Mendes

"Harley has changed my life," says the ‘Hitch' star of the man behind the hit diet that's sweeping Hollywood, Harley Pasternak. "Not only do I feel better than ever, now I can have guilt-free pizza any time and that has made me a happy girl."

How it works:

It's a simple and effective diet, as well as a marketing dream; the Five-Factor diet includes five "delicious and healthy meals" a day, each made from just five simple ingredients, with five 25-minute workouts a week - as well as one ‘cheat' day allowed every week.

The key to the plan is to eat small meals regularly to keep you feeling full. Each meal - made up from wholesome ingredients from the five groups; protein, low-to-moderate GI carbohydrates, fibre, healthy fats and beverages - should be evenly spaced throughout the day.

What's on the daily menu:

Each of your three meals should contain up to 300 calories, and you're also allowed two snacks of around 200 calories each. Make sure each meal is made up of an ingredient from each of the five main groups:

● Low-fat, quality protein: Chicken, fish, seafood, egg white or cottage cheese

● Low-GI carbohydrates: Vegetables like beans, peppers, mushrooms and sweet potatoes

● Fibre: Wholegrains, beans, pulses and brown rice.

● Healthy fats: Oils like sunflower and flaxseed

● Sugar-free beverages: Water, tea, coffee or an unsweetened energy drink


"I put in a lot of time at the gym to ensure that I am able to indulge at other times. Pleasure is pain," says Eva, 36 - but Harley tries to make exercise an enjoyable part of his Five-Factor plan.

Again, good things come in fives: five workouts a week, each consisting of five sessions for a total of just 25 minutes. Each session is a combination of aerobics and weight training; the only equipment that you need are a set of dumbells and a workout bench to help you build stamina and strength.

Who else is a fan?

Hot popsters Katy Perry and Lady Gaga both follow the Five-Factor diet and exercise regime to fit in around their hectic schedules.

"Every once in a while I'll do it when I'm at home in New York," says Katy, who's shaping up for her wedding to Russell Brand as well as for her gruelling tour. "I'm doing it for energy so I don't pass out on stage; it is mostly for me to be able to be alive at the end of the tour."

Find out more: Find details of the Five-Factor Diet on 5factor.com

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