How to lose a stone

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If you've put on a stone, you've eaten 49,000 calories that were surplus to your body's needs. That's based on the fact that it takes 3,000 excess calories to put on a pound.

Diet plans to shed a stone

Want to curb carbs? This low-GI diet will keep you full and shrink that stomach - try the blast-your-belly diet

Big on breakfast? Get a hearty start to the day, and lose up to a stone in a month - try the big breakfast diet

Do you crave chocolate? This blood sugar balancing plan helps you curb cravings and shed a stone in a month - try the chocolate cravings diet

Choose to eat chocolate? Eat a daily treat while you lose weight and wrinkles - try the chocolate diet

Plagued with PMS? This plan is designed to help you beat cravings and monthly weight gain and lose 14lb in a month - pick the PMS diet

Healthy wholefoods for you? Lose up to a stone in a month eating fresh, unprocessed food - try the real food diet

Love chips? You can eat them every day and still lose up to 14lb in four weeks - try the chips diet

Love curry? Get a weekly takeaway fix - try the curry diet

Fond of food? Eat six times a day so you're never hungry - click here for the food-lover's diet

Shaping up for a holiday? Enjoy healthy, nutritious foods that help banish cellulite - and that surplus stone - try the ultimate bikini diet

Find all of our free online diets here - each link on that page will tell you how much weight you can expect to lose over what period of time

Adjust your eating

Drop 500 calories a day - click here for a simple substitution

Have breakfast at home and lose 16lb in a year - click here for ways to save ££s and lose lbs

Switch to calorie-free drinks - click here for this and more diet tweaks

Watch your portion sizes - click here for supersizing pitfalls

Ways to work off a stone

Walk four times a week Lose up to 18lb in a year - without changing what you eat - click here for the fat-burning power walk

Get active Work out the calories you could burn with everyday activities, and exercise - click here to see how to increase your calorie expenditure

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