Seven-day GI diet meal plan

woman eating tomatoes on cracker: GI diet seven day meal plan

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The GI diet: how it works

How to follow the GI diet

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Golden rules for success on the GI diet


Breakfast Large bowlful traditional porridge made with skimmed milk; 1tsp runny honey drizzled over; 1 orange.
Lunch 1 portion canned, drained butter beans mixed with flaked tuna canned in brine, sliced tomato, red onion and parsley, all tossed in a little olive oil vinaigrette; 1 slice pumpernickel bread.
Snack 1 pear and a handful of pumpkin seeds.
Evening meal 1 medium portion mixed seafood (from chilled or frozen counter) stir-fried in a little olive oil with 1 chopped red chilli, chopped parsley and 1 crushed clove of garlic, tossed into 1 portion of wholewheat pasta; large leaf side salad.


Breakfast 1 large portion of low-fat bio yogurt mixed with 1 chopped apple and several chopped ready-to-eat dried apricots, sprinkled with 1tbsp All Bran, and with 1tsp runny honey drizzled over.
Lunch 1 portion Stand-by Soup (see Low-GI recipe page); 1 slice of stoneground wholemeal bread; 2 plums.
Snack Reduced-fat hummus on 1 dark rye crispbread.
Evening meal 1 large portion of grilled halibut, cod or other white fish steak, topped with 1tbsp ready-made chilli tomato sauce, served with petit pois, new potatoes and grilled tomato halves.


Breakfast 1 poached Comice pear served with 1 large portion of low-fat natural fromage frais and 1tsp runny honey sprinkled with 1 level dsp sunflower seeds.
Lunch 1 medium portion Brie, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and green salad leaves tossed in 1tbsp of olive oil vinaigrette; 2 unsweetened rough oatcakes.
Snack A handful of plain peanuts or cashew nuts.
Evening meal 1 medium skinless chicken breast fillet sliced and stir-fried with sliced courgette, mushrooms and spinach in a little groundnut oil, served on 1 medium portion of brown basmati rice or buckwheat.


Breakfast 1 medium portion of oat-based muesli (some brands of muesli contain wheat flakes) served with chopped canteloupe melon, blueberries and skimmed milk.
Lunch 1 medium portion of baked beans in tomato sauce on 1 large slice of wholegrain toast; 1 orange.
Snack 1 individual tub low-fat fruit fromage frais.
Evening meal 1 portion Warming Winter Casserole (see Low-GI recipe page) served with 1 medium portion of bulgur wheat.


Breakfast Half a grapefruit sprinkled with 1tsp runny honey; 1 large bowlful porridge made with skimmed milk.
Lunch 1 large bowlful New Covent Garden or similar fresh chilled vegetable and bean soup of choice; 1 medium slice pumpernickel bread; 1 apple.
Snack 1tbsp or so of cottage cheese on 1 rough unsweetened oatcake.
Evening meal 1 medium grilled salmon steak topped with 1tbsp ready-made green pesto sauce from the chilled counter, served with broccoli, green beans and a medium portion of new potatoes.


Breakfast 1 portion poached apple and blackberry flavoured with cinnamon; 1 large portion diet fruit fromage frais, sprinkled with 1 level dsp sunflower seeds.
Lunch 1 wholemeal pitta filled with sliced chicken breast and sweetcorn kernels tossed in a little reduced-fat mayonnaise mixed with Dijon mustard and lemon juice, and plenty of raw salad items.
Snack 1 small pack plain peanuts.
Evening meal 1 medium portion ready-made falafel patties, served with a large stir-fry of sliced red peppers, red onion, tomato and courgette cooked in a little olive oil, on a medium portion of bulgur wheat.


Breakfast 2 medium eggs, scrambled in a little skimmed milk, with chopped fresh tomato, served on 1 medium slice stoneground wholemeal toast spread with a little low-fat spread.
Lunch 1 portion of ready-made guacamole (avocado dip), served with crudités and a wholemeal pitta, sliced; 1 low-fat diet fruit yogurt.
Snack 1 large apple.
Evening meal Medium portion very lean roast beef, served with 1 medium sweet potato, sliced, brushed with a little olive oil and roasted until golden and tender; a large portion cabbage or kale, peas, pan juices and a little horseradish sauce.

Read more on the GI diet...

The GI diet: how it works

How to follow the GI diet

See the list of what to eat on the GI diet, plus low-GI recipes

Golden rules for success on the GI diet

See our complete guide to the GI diet

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