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If you need to lose a few pounds - or even a few stone - it takes time to decide on the best approach, so we've brought together all of our diets in one place. Take a look and find the one that's right for you.

And you'll also find eating plans designed to help with specific conditions such as insomnia or low energy, on page 2.

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Plan for dieting success

Discover your dieting personality Take the quiz
How to keep the weight off
Take the quiz to find out more about your eating, and the dieting approach that will work for you in the long term.

Diets for weight loss

Find all the best diets here
There are around 50 effective diets to choose from, split into those lasting under and over a week. Each has full details of how it works and what to eat

Diets to read about

Book-based diets
The Clean Food diet:
'release the power of pure food'
The Cura Romana Diet:
Leslie Kenton's plan for shedding up to 7lb a week
The F Factor Diet:
tuck into high-fibre carbs
The New Evolution Diet:
a genetic approach to weight loss
The Asian 'Feed Your Tiger' diet:
influenced by acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine

Celebrity diets

Eva Mendes and the Five-Factor Diet: five meals a day, plus five workouts a week
Heidi Klum and the Ultimate New York Body Plan
Follow the ABCDEF rules...
Cheryl Cole and the Blood Type Diet
Four diets for the four blood groups
Jennifer Hudson and WeightWatchers
The points system
Hollywood's slimming secrets: the hottest diets in town
Discover how celebrities stay in red-carpet shape... 

Try a detox

Been overindulging? Put on weight? Want to eat healthily? Try our round-up of detox products to buy and our free online detox plans to try
How to detox

Eating plans to help specific health conditions

From irritable bowel syndrome to insomnia, PMS to breast cancer, there's an eating plan that can make a difference
Click here for our healthy eating plans

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