Lose weight, feel great: diets for autumn and winter

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What we want to eat naturally varies from season to season. In summer, a salad for dinner can actually be an appealing prospect. At this time of year, when it's cold and dark, we want warming, filling food.

So whether you're looking to lose weight, trying to eat more healthily, or planning to fit comfortably into your Christmas party frock, one of our eating plans should be perfect for you.

Lose weight now

If you want to shed some excess weight, try these plans that feature food you'll want to eat at this time of year...

Try the comfort food diet Lose 8lb in four weeks with delicious, filling food

Cook comfort foods that won't pile on the pounds Lighter recipes for your favourite foods

Meals with 500 calories or less Big on flavour, low on calories

The indulge and slim diet The diet with built-in weekend treats 

The flat-tummy diet Banish the muffin top, and boost your energy levels into the bargain

The snack-all-day diet Eat more and weigh less

Fit into your party frock

Planning ahead to look stunning in your Christmas party outfit, or in a bit of a last-minute panic before a special occasion? These diets are what you need...

Drop a dress size for Christmas Lose around 2lb a week

Try the Christmas little black dress diet Lose up to a stone in a month

Seven-days-to-do-up-that-zip diet Shed 4lb in a week with this anti-bloating plan

Try the liquid diet Lose 5lb in three days with juices, soups and smoothies

Beat-the-bloat diet Shed pounds for a special occasion

Healthy autumn/winter eating

Health concerns can vary with the seasons - these eating plans are designed to keep you feeling your best on dark, cold days...

The winter vitality diet Beat the winter blues with glowing skin - and weight loss

Guilt-free comfort foods Enjoy healthier comforting choices

Boost your immune system Try the three-day spice diet

The energy-boosting eating plan Get your get-up-and-go back

The sleep well eating plan  The better you eat, the better you'll sleep

Food to help you snooze How what you eat affects your sleep

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