Are you too busy to have sex?

Are you too busy to have sex? - sex and relationship advice - Diet & Wellbeing -

A sneak peek

Giving him a quick glimpse of your body will get his juices going. Wear nothing under your dressing gown at breakfast – and make sure he knows it. Let your skirt ride up when you sit down for dinner. Undo your top button before leaning across the table to pass him the potatoes.

It’s in your kiss

Never underestimate the power of a good snog – it shows him how much you fancy him and it will turn you both on faster. Kissing accelerates the arousal process because it kick-starts all of those lust-fuelled hormones.

Keep your clothes on

Why waste precious minutes getting undressed? Don’t be too quick to strip – staying covered up can be a big turn-on. It builds anticipation and makes sex feel spontaneous. Take your man back to those frustrating teenage days of groping and grinding. He'll get a kick out of feeling you through the fabric.

Narrate the action

Men love the sound of our voice when we’re turned on. Communicating while in the act, whether it’s nice or naughty talk, is a sure-fire way of getting him turned on fast. Men always like to know that we’re enjoying it as much as they are.

A saucy goodbye

Whisper something dirty in his ear before he leaves for work. All day long he’ll be thinking of ways to ravage you – and, strangely, so might you. Send him saucy texts or emails. Ask him questions that force him to think about sex. He’ll love it.

Sex without the sex

Hold hands, brush up behind him, wrap your arms around his waist or let him know how good you think he looks in his new jeans. You don’t have to make a roaring fire to keep the flame between you alive.

Speed it up

Few men can resist the offer of a quickie – they’re naughty and animalistic. They infuse a bit of spontaneity, excitement, and passion into a marriage. Wear a dress or skirt for speed. Choose stockings, not tights – and ditch those sensible shoes and go for a pair of heels.

Take a seat

Sex sitting down ticks a lot of boxes for men, because they enjoy the feel of you pressed against them. Plus it’s a good way of taking the weight off your feet – and you get to be in charge. Just make sure the chair you do it in is strong and comfortable enough!

Clean up

Kill two birds with one stone and join him in the shower. Four hands are better than two and being soaped up and washed by your lover is definitely a great way to start your day. You don’t always have to think of sex. Talk; focus on the emotional connection between you two, rather than the logistics of having sex without slipping over.

Wake-up call

Coax him into action when he’s still half-asleep. Many men are at their horniest first thing in the morning – that’s when their testosterone levels are at their peak. Odds are, he won’t be able to last long and you’ll soon be able to concentrate on everything else you’ve got to do that day.

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