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Woman using Slendertone Face

Reviewer: Camilla Hume-Smith, Age, 34

I like to think that when my toddler wakes a little later than 5.45am, when I finally commit to that exercise class, and when I kick the ‘oh-go-on-then’ glass of wine with dinner, my skin will magically start to look younger and more radiant.

Of course, I would probably feel less tired—and the exercise would no doubt do wonders for my legs—but the reality is that these changes not going to tone my face. The frustrating truth is that I’m well into my third decade and I don’t need science to tell me that muscle naturally ‘wastes’ past the age of 30 – it’s all too evident in the mirror. But what can I do? I can’t exactly take my face for a jog.

Or so I thought, until I was offered the chance to try Slendertone Face. This device offers a natural lift and improved complexion by using EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to tone and firm the muscles in the face.

Facial muscles are attached to the skin, so when they lose tone and volume, the face starts to sag. That’s because, unlike the muscles of the body, our facial muscles are small and delicate, and difficult to exercise. Slendertone Face gently stimulates and lifts the muscles to reduce the signs of ageing revealing an improvement in firmness, complexion, and radiance.

First impressions

I must have been expecting a giant machine with lots of wires, because I was pleasantly surprised to get a smart, compact box with a sleek white gadget that wouldn’t look out of place in an Apple store!

Users have described the results it gives as ‘like a facelift,’ but without the need for surgery. While Nichola Joss (beauty therapist to the likes of Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss, Zoe Ball and Nigella Lawson), says, ‘I always recommend Slendertone Face to my clients.’

Sounds good to me. I’m not the type to ever go under the knife (I happen to think a few wrinkles are better than looking unnaturally plastic) but I don’t want my skin to look dull and saggy and do love the idea of looking toned and radiant.

Using it… Fortunately using Slendertone Face seems simplicity itself. Charge up, pop onto face just below the cheekbones and turn on.

There are, the instructions tell me, three programmes, ‘Ten minutes for Radiance, 15 minutes for Massage, 20 minutes for Lift. Recommended usage is five times a week. Lift noticeable in six to eight weeks.’ I decide to go for the lift option.

During exercise our muscles respond to signals that the brain sends, and with repeated effort over time this creates toned body parts. Slendertone technology works in the same way, reaching all of your muscles in one short session. And although the tingling feeling takes a little getting used to, I soon don’t notice it and can get on with watching TV or reading.

There’s a handy remote control, so it’s easy to change the pulse without removing and replacing the headset. I thought it might be tricky to fit into a busy day, but it soon becomes part of my evening routine, wash face, (Slender)tone and moisturise!

The results

I’ve always thought that looking after your inside improves the appearance of skin. In other words, fresh food, exercise and water are as important as expensive creams. But while I get the idea that exercising the muscles in the face should improve skin quality, I have to say I wasn’t expecting my face to feel so much firmer.

I’ve been using Slendertone Face for six weeks and I actually do think that my face looks more toned. My complexion has brightened, and several people have commented on how I look ‘rested’— and that alone makes me feel good! I had been thinking of loaning it to a friend but I now want to continue to use it a couple of times a week to maintain the results.

And it’s not just me, apparently clinical trials have shown that, on average, the smiling muscle (that’s the Zygomatic Major muscle if you really want to know) increased in plumpness by 18.6% after using Slendertone Face and that 90% TO 94% of users reported their face felt firmer. So there we are, it turns out beauty really is more than skin deep.

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