Are you scared of commitment?

As we grow older, playing the dating game can feel more daunting and difficult than ever. But is your attitude to commitment ruining your relationships? Take our quiz to find out... By Jane Murphy

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1. It's Saturday night and you're home alone. What's the plan?
A glass of wine and a good book or DVD - bliss!
I'll watch TV and catch up on phone calls and emails
I'll spend the night on Facebook or Googling old boyfriends
2. You're the only single person at a friend's birthday do. How do you feel?
Independent - and mildly defensive
Slightly self-conscious at first - but I'll soon get over it
Bereft and inadequate
3. Last weekend, a new love interest said he'd call you 'during the week'. It's Wednesday evening and you haven't heard from him. What do you do?
Nothing - I'd probably feel slightly relieved, to be honest
Nothing - I've got two more days before I'd feel snubbed
I'd call him. And send a few texts. In fact, I'd probably have done that on Monday
4. It's still early days and you learn he devotes much of his spare time to a hobby or interest - let's say, skiing - that you know nothing about. What's your response?
Great - it's important to have separate interests
I'd ask him all about skiing - then tell him about my own hobbies
I'd tell him I've always wanted to ski - and sign up for lessons as soon as possible
5. It's your third date. You're in a restaurant. It's all going well. Suddenly, he reaches across the table, grabs your hand and says 'I think I'm falling in love with you'. You say...
'Don't be ridiculous! Actually, I think my cab might be outside...'
'That's nice. I love spending time with you, too...'
'I love you, too. To hell with it! Let's get married...'
6. You're back at his place at 3am. Sex is on the cards. He's got an early start the next day, so offers to lend you a key to let yourself out when you're ready. What do you do?
Order a cab for half an hour's time - or at least ensure I leave before he does
Borrow the key, but post it back through the letterbox immediately
Keep the key and wait to see if he asks for it back
7. He cancels a big date at the last minute because his teenage daughter from a previous relationship has turned up in tears after an argument with her mum. How do you feel?
See? This is why I don't like getting involved - people our age have too much baggage
I'd be disappointed - but it shows he's a good man who cares about his kids
Furious! I need to make sure I'm the most important woman in his life
8. You've been out with him a few times and thought it was going well. But then you spot him out with another woman. What's your response?
Everybody cheats. If you expect otherwise, you're a fool
I'd be pretty upset - and probably wouldn't want to see him again
I'd be absolutely devastated - and would storm over and demand some answers
9. Be honest. What's the usual 'type' of man you go for nowadays?
Someone who's laid-back and interesting
Someone who's witty and kind
Someone who reminds me of my ex
10. During the early days of a relationship, your ideal man would...
Live on an oil rig but pop by for amazing sex once a fortnight
Live in the same area and see me a couple of times a week
Live in a mansion and ask me to move in with him

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