Unusual present idea: buy a youngster a life skill

A gift that doesn't have instant 'wow' factor but is a total 'wow'!

by Carol Muskoron

Kids will get a lot of presents this Christmas - computer games, consoles, games, maybe the odd book or stuffed toy. And there's nothing wrong with all that but if you want to put something a bit different in the stocking that is seriously fantastic, I highly recommend Kaz's touch typing course, which I recently got for my 14-year-old son, who was typing his homework with one finger, and taking an age over it. I was watching him thinking: 'How? How? How is he ever, ever, ever going to get a job typing like that?!'

The fact is that we do have to type today - and touch typing is by far the best way of typing, if you ever get round to learning it. I learnt on a special keyboard I bought from an ad in a paper, after accepting a job as an editorial assistant (having claimed I could type!). The keyboard (which is no longer produced) was brilliant - it made a game of learning to type and after a weekend on the thing I turned up for the job on the Monday morning, as a typing pro!

Knowing that learning needs to be fun, I was keen on the Kaz course. I gave it to my son one Saturday afternoon. He completed the course in a little over 90 minutes, loved doing it (no nagging involved at all) and he is now whizzing through homeworks that were taking him ages. And yes, I think he's more employable. He said that the course was brilliant - and he liked the fact that it was aimed at both children and adults alike (teens can be a bit prickly about anything that seems babyish).


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