Our extension: let there be bathroom light!

Through a chic porthole

by Lauren Floodgate

COST SO FAR: WEEKS 19, 20 and 21 - £145,000

Cups of builders' tea: 775
Spoons of sugar: 1300

We’re changing a three-bedroom house into a four-bedroom with an extra bathroom and a big square landing.
Take a quick look around our house - and see our plans. Here's how we got on the last three weeks...

The kids' bathroom has progressed this week and at long last we have a toilet in doors that we can actually use.

We've learnt with this project that sometimes you need to stand back and have a think rather than follow the plans to the letter. Once the Velux went in we realised how much extra light we had in the kids' bathroom and took the decision, very much on the fly, to vault the ceiling at one end. The room now looks bigger and so much lighter.

Using flexible MDF, the carpenters were able to create a lovely lozenge shape in the shower wall. It's there to let borrowed light into the cubicle, but also as a feature and somewhere to stand the shampoo. We chose tiny 1cm square glass mosaics to tile the lozenge as they were small enough for the sheets to gently bend around the curves. I love the turquoise tiles we've used on the back wall - they have tiny little twinkles in them that catch the light beautifully and the turquoise looks great with the silver mosaics and simple white tiles used elsewhere. By tiling the back wall in plain white we were able to get the look we wanted whilst keeping the price down. The tiles came from Topps - everyone has admired them and the kids think the splash of colour is great. Check them out here.

Because it's the kids bathroom we've chosen the Isis shower valve from Hudson Reed with a fixed head and a useful diverter. The valve has really chunky square knobs to match the nice square shape of the Utopia bath and it's easy for the kids to use. Cleverly it is also used to fill the bath as the bath has a tantofil rather than taps. You can check it out here here.

I've still got to choose a floor and a colour for the walls but we nearly have a finished room!

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