Amazing appliances: buying tips

Mixing appliance

● Energy saving is a big issue now. Look out for A-rated appliances and A+, A++ and A+++ (each ‘+’ adds ten per cent to the efficiency).

● ‘It’s important to choose a brand you trust,’ says Sophie Davidson, head of product at Electrolux.

● When buying appliances, you get what you pay for. ‘The difference in the build, materials and aesthetics are easy to spot,’ says Sophie. ‘Look for products with LED lighting and touch-screen controls.’

● ‘When choosing small appliances for a tight space, innovations such as retractable cords with integral plug storage can make all the difference,’ says Alex Gort-Barten, director at Dualit.

● Choose mixers with a powerful motor. ‘For keen bakers and aspiring chefs, a heavy duty motor with multiple speed settings is important. This will allow a variety of uses,’ says Alex.

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