Identify the weeds in your garden

weeding lettuces

Any plant you don’t want is a weed. Knowing what’s a weed and what’s not is one of the trickiest things when you’re starting to garden – but the only way to get to know weeds is experience. The good news is that most gardens only have four or five different types.

Annual weeds grow from seeds each spring, then flower, set seed and die down before winter, with the process starting again the next year. They don’t have time to put down big roots so are easy to pull up or dig out, but as they seed so prolifically they’ll keep popping up.

Among the annual weeds you're likely to see in your garden are: speedwell, hairy bittercress, annual meadow grass, annual nettle, chickweed, deadnettle, fat hen and groundsel.

Scroll down to see labelled photos of these weeds.

Annual weeds


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