How to do appliqué with knitting

Learn how to attach knitted decoration, from the very first issue of Prima

applique on jumper

This is the technique of applying one surface to another, usually a decoration to a garment, by stitching.

First, press or cold block (pin out, dampen and leave to dry) the applique shapes; this will stop the edges curling. Always check on the ball band for pressing instructions

Pin and tack the appliqué shape in position on the garment. Using the same yarn, sew in place, picking up one strand from the background an one from the edge of the shape.

To make the appliqué shape stand out, work decorative blanket stitch (left) in a contrast colour yarn. Working from left to right, with the edge of the appliqué shape facing you, insert the needle through both layers of fabric with the yarn under the needle. Pull up the stitch to make a loop along the edge of the shape. Leave gap between stitches.

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