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The bestselling ‘I Before E (Except After C)' series goes back to basics to revisit all those things you learnt at school - and promptly forgot.  Covering subjects including history, poetry, classics and science, here's everything you once knew explained in accessible and entertaining bite-sized chunks. Children's titles like ‘Thirty Days Has September' will introduce youngsters to all the stuff they should know - with a good dollop of fun.


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Whether or not we enjoyed it at school - and, let's face it, most of us didn't - maths forms an integral part of our daily lives, from counting change through placing bets to putting up shelves.  Take our quiz - based the book ‘I Used To Know That: Maths' - and find out where your weak spots are!


1. What is 6 squared?


2. What is the cube root of 8?


3. In a longer sum - eg 4 x (5+6) - which operation should always be done first?


4. What is -5 + 8?


5. What is 3/5 expressed as a decimal?


6. What is 2/5 expressed as a percentage?


7. What is the term for an angle of less than 90 degrees?


8. What size is each of the three angles of an equilateral triangle?


9. What's the name for a polygon with ten sides?


10. What kind of diagram includes overlapping circles?


For the Maths quiz answers click here  


From ‘I Used To Know That: Maths' by Chris Waring (Michael O'Mara Books, £9.99)


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