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In the cinema: Love is All You Need

What is it? A realistic romantic comedy

Release date: April 19

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This latest film to come out of the ever-popular Danish film industry, by the Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier, is a truly heartwarming, and surprisingly funny film. It follows, Phillip (Pierce Brosnan), a single father living in Denmark, and Ida (Trine Dyrholm) a hairdresser that’s just finished chemotherapy and found out her husband’s leaving her for a woman half her age, as they leave for Italy to attend the wedding of his son, Patrick, and her daughter, Astrid. The days leading up to the wedding becomes somewhat of a bumpy ride, as a surprising bond forms between the two of them that is inviting to watch - alongside some humorous faux pas moments from the rest of the guests. You can’t fail to leave the cinema feeling uplifted!

Prima ♥: Pierce attempting to speak a little Danish.

In the cinema: The Place Beyond the Pines

What is it? Three films for the price of one

Release date: April 12

This stylish crime drama is a film of three parts telling the epic tale of two generations battling to leave the events of yesterday behind. Ryan Gosling, who plays heavily tattooed motorbike stunt rider Luke, turns to robbing banks as a way to provide for his lover Romina (Eva Mendes) and their newborn child. Luke’s story is intertwined with that of Avery (Bradley Cooper), a policeman whose life changes after he tries to arrest Luke, and the effect these two men have on their sons. If you’ve seen Drive, you’ll notice there are many parallels – but while it lacks the same heart-pumping soundtrack, Gosling’s latest offering is still visually stunning with breathtaking cinematography.

Prima ♥: The opening scenes with a bare-chested Gosling - say no more!

New on DVD: Life of Pi

What is it? A magical adventure

Release date: April 15

For any doubters who thought it would be impossible to bring Yann Martle’s Booker prize-winning novel to the big screen, get ready to be wowed as critically acclaimed film director Ang Lee’s version is, quite simply, a magical masterpiece. The story is based on an Indian family who decide to shift their beloved zoo to America in search of a better life. But, when a raging storm hits, only young Pi survives, lost at sea on a lifeboat with a ravenous Bengal tiger! The fantastical coming-of-age drama is bought to life with spellbinding visual effects and computer animation while the thought-provoking philosophical undertones will leave you pondering life. Admittedly the DVD doesn’t quite have that all-encompassing impact of the cinema and viewers miss out on the subtle 3D but it’s still an enchanting caper the whole family with love.

Prima ♥: The fact it will make you forget about the dirty dishes as you escape into its dreamlike wonder. It didn’t win a Bafta for nothing!

Watch our exclusive clip of Love is All You Need


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