Quick hairstyle using heated hair rollers

Woman styling hair with heated rollers

Celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward shares his step-by-step guide...

• Blowdry hair with a radial bristle brush, focusing on lifting the root area. Stop once hair is 80 per cent dry.

• Starting at the top of your head, take 2in sections of hair. Smooth with hairspray and wrap around the roller, turning in towards the roots.

• The rollers at the side of the face should be wound in vertically; other rollers should be placed horizontally, always rolling away from the face.

• Once all the rollers are in place, spritz with hairspray. Leave hair to dry fully and allow rollers to cool down.

• Gently remove the rollers and brush hair vigorously to remove the roller marks.

• Using a wide-toothed comb, push the waves in the direction that the hair has been set.

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