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Keen photographers will have a library of fabulous photos at their fingertips, so why not use them to make some unique and truly personal baubles and garlands to decorate your tree and home this Christmas. By combining photographs with pretty printed papers and adding trimmings of your choice you will be able to customise the outcome to suit your taste or decor. An all-in-one printer such as the Canon PIXMA MG6150 makes it easy to print out fabulous papers as well as superb lab-quality photographs; photos can be printed directly from your memory card. Although you can use any patterned papers that you like, the best results are achieved on paper of around 170g/m². If you are printing your own papers Canons Matte Photo Paper MP-101 is ideal for the task.

You may not know that Canon has a dedicated papercraft website called Creative Park, where you can find lots of interesting project ideas. If you click on the scrapbooking section and then onto ‘parts’ you will discover a large range of gorgeous patterned papers that you can simply download and print out. For a fully co-ordinated room scheme you could try scanning in wallpaper or furnishing fabrics. If you are making a special bauble for an individual family member why not try scanning in the fabric of their favourite garment, accessory or toy? Anything that can reasonably be fitted on the platen for scanning could be incorporated into these unique decorations that the family will love.

Simple techniques are used to create the dimensional baubles; they can be used on their own as individual hanging decorations, or a number of them can be combined to make a garland suitable for the tree or for hanging from a door frame or window. For best effect, use a circle cutter to cut all the circles accurately and efficiently. For smaller baubles circular craft punches can be used. The baubles are made up from six circles, two of which are photographs. The two photographs are placed opposite each other on the front and back of the decoration. For fun, the large baubles illustrated show the subjects face on the front and the back of their head on the reverse, but you can incorporate any photographs that you like.

You will need:
• Canon PIXMA MG6150 All-in-one Photo Printer 
• Canon SG-201 A4 Photo Paper Plus, Semi-gloss
• Memory card with a selection of digital images
• Two coordinating patterned papers of your choice, preferably printed on Canon MP-101 A4 Matte Photo Paper
• Round doily, 10cm diameter
• Circle cutter
• 70cm x 3mm ribbon
• Buttons with holes large enough to thread ribbon through
• Craft adhesive & adhesive tape

How to make
1. Place your memory card in the reader of a Canon PIXMA MG6150 All-in-One Photo Printer. Select four images and print them out, arranging four 13 x 9cm images on a single sheet of Canon SG-201 A4 Photo Paper Plus, Semi-gloss.

2. Use a circle cutter to cut the photos into four 9cm diameter circles. Cut out four 9cm diameter circles from patterned paper, two from each design. Fold each photo in half lengthways, image towards the inside, and burnish the crease firmly. Repeat with the patterned circles.

3. Fold a doily in half then glue it to the reverse of one of the photos. Repeat with the other photo.

4. Apply glue to one of the semi-circular sections that is the rear of a patterned circle and position it to a matching semi-circle that is the back of the photo/doily, making sure that the folds are carefully aligned and the edges match where they are glued together. Take a different patterned circle and repeat the process, gluing it to the other semi-circle at the back of the photo. Repeat the process to prepare the other half of the bauble, ensuring that you position the different printed papers so that they will appear alternately when the two halves of the bauble are stuck together.

5. Fold the length of ribbon in half. Flatten one half of the bauble and use a piece of adhesive tape to secure the ribbon, loop at the top, to the back of the bauble, aligning it with the central crease.

6. Glue the remaining half of the bauble to the back of the first half, sandwiching the ribbon in-between. Let it dry thoroughly.

7. Thread a button onto the hanging loop, and one or two onto the tails of ribbon hanging below the decoration. Hang the finished bauble on your tree!

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